Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Air Show

So a few weeks ago, we went to the annual Air Show at Hill Air Force Base. I was pretty excited. Scott was ecstatic. We thought the weather would be decent, so we donned shorts, t-shirts, and no jackets.

When we got there, we had to go through security. We passed a big bucket that said "No concealed weapons or glass, coolers, etc." or something like that, and realized that Scott had a pocket knife. So I stayed in line while he ran back to the car, only to find out that I still had my pepper spray on my keychain and had to get that confiscated. Shoot! I had never used it, but I always felt comfort in having it. It was also huge, so it made finding my keys easier. But at the same time, I was looking for some excuse to get rid of it, so I guess this was it.

We saw Scott's FAVORITE airplane fly - a P-51 D Mustang from WWII! It was pretty neat! We also saw the Extra 300 (Red Bull plane) fly and do it's fancy tricks and maneuvers. Now that I know what actually goes into flying a plane, those maneuvers are a lot more impressive to me. We also saw an old trainer jet fly around. It had weights at the ends of the wings to help balance it, it sort of made it look like an x-wing fighter from Star Wars, minus the x-wing. It was pretty cool!

We mostly just walked around and saw the planes and jets they had on display. We got a picture of Scotty by his favorite jet - the F-22 Raptor. We also got a little pin of an F-22. Sweet!

Can you tell we like airplanes?

UVU Plane - DA-42. Scotty can't wait to fly one of these!
And then it started raining. It was already windy and slightly drizzly, but then it was getting worse and they had to post-pone the air show for a little bit. We were going to meet up with some friends, but their kids were beat and were going to hide at the air museum. We decided to do the same and as we were attempting our way back to the car, the heavens let loose! Needless to say, we were rather soaked by the time we made it to the car. But it was fun! And the museum was awesome!

I got some neat pictures of a WWII bomber. I love those things, mostly because of "Memphis Belle," one of my favorite movies. I took pictures of all the different areas of the plane, including where D.B. Sweeny, Sean Astin, and Harry Connick Jr. sat, to name a few :). We also got a picture by the P-51D Mustang they have at the museum.

This is where Harry Connick Jr sits.

Cute little toy planes for kids to sit in!

For Heather

These guns are so huge that the plane is literally balanced according to the gun's weight. They also have to be careful how many they shoot in a row or the plane will start going backwards - in flight!
All in all, it was quite a fun day, though rather tiring. We stopped and ate at KFC, and that was probably the best meal I had ever eaten. Ever. I definitely want to go back to the Air Show again next year!

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Kates said...

yay, you DID get the plane stroller!!! That makes me so happy!!