Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Would I Take

What with all the recent fires lately, I've been thinking a lot about what I would take if we had to leave our house behind.

If we had 5 or less minutes to leave...
...72 hr kit
...important papers (birth certificates, social security cards, marriage license, sealing certificate, etc.)

If we had 15min to leave... scriptures/patriarchal blessing
...our pictures on the end table (wedding, Hailey, Grandma Naomi Septon)
...the Sealing Ceremony from Missy (not the actual ceremony - just the advice from the Pres. Brown)
...toiletries journals pump
...diaper bag
...extra diapers/wipes shoes/socks or ...our Vibram Five-Fingers
...change of clothes/underclothes (the amount of changes depends on how much time I really have to pack)
...our guns
...cell phones/chargers

If we had an hour to leave with possible time to pack up the car...
...Scott's mission journals (that are buried in the storage room) pictures from childhood (that are also buried in the storage room)
...extra clothes/blankets for Hailey
...the outfit Hailey came home in (also in storage room)
...her blessing dress (also in storage room)
...pillows and/or blankets
...our box of wedding pictures
...Ensign/books for reading material
...our "Benson Est. 2010" picture

If we had 2 or more hours to leave... flamingo stuff (don't laugh - it's true!!)
...Scotty's model P-51 D Mustang
...our Korean Ducks
...couple little knick-knacks/mementos
...Scott's hockey jerseys
...Scott's leather pilot's jacket from Disneyland
...Scott's pilot books

Mind you, this list was really hard to make. I hope we can all be prepared and stop and think about what's most important to us. I also hope you will get together with your families and prepare an emergency plan. Decide on a place to meet if you are both at work. Discuss together what needs to be grabbed if only one person is at home to avoid anger when you realize your spouse did not grab what you wanted out of the house. And most of all....just hope and pray this never has to happen to you and pray for those who haven't been so fortunate.

I hope these fires get out soon!

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Heidi Greaves said...

I've been thinking about this too. Making a list is a great idea! Thanks for posting yours!