Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Things Lately! (sorry - it's long!)

We went flying on Monday! We went flying! It was SO great, and SO beautiful, and SO exhilirating, and I SO want to do it again sometime soon! Oh, did I also mention it was NOT as expensive as we thought it was going to be?? That in itself is FANTASTIC news! And yes, the excessive caps means I am REALLY excited about this. My husband is such a good pilot. I love him so much! What a wonderful family night that was. Only person we were missing was Hailey. Soon she'll get to fly with us, but not yet. I had SO MUCH FUN!!!

West Spanish Fork/Payson...I think

Look at us go!!

I can't believe I'm flying in a little plane!!

Right below the mountains in the center...the Payson Temple construction site!

Also, we went camping a couple weeks ago. This is what you get when everyone is sitting around and they discover that your daughter is still small enough to fit inside a baseball glove.


Hailey is a 5 months now (I missed her 5-month post, sorry!) and she is a ROLLER. She cannot stay on her back anymore! She loves to flip and flop and slide and scootch and do all sorts of things now! Soon she will be sitting up all on her own!!

She started at the blanket...who knows where I'll find here these days!

Hailey's friend Bronx and my friend McKell came to visit us on Pioneer Day! I had to snap a picture of the two. Sorry Hailey doesn't look the happiest. They are 3 months apart. See more cute pictures of Bronx and read McKell's blog here!

Hailey left, Bronx right.

Also, we are borrowing a bumbo for Hailey. She likes it well enough. She ESPECIALLY likes watching the TV while Daddy plays XBox. We might have to watch out for that....

We also had a fun Squires family reunion at the end of July. What a great month July was! Can't wait for more of August!

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