Saturday, February 9, 2013

Word to the Wise...

So, if you have a young daughter who has incredibly long hair and you are anything like me who can't stand hair in the face...YOU MUST RESIST THE URGE TO PUT IT UP IN A PONY TAIL EVERY DAY!

I learned this the hard way :( Hailey is starting to lose a lot of hair and I totally didn't even realize it was from those dopey little rubber hair bands!

When I was in 6th grade, I started to pull my hair back in a very tight ponytail every day. 10+ years later, I sit and wonder why my hair is so thin on the top. I mean, I knew it was because I pull my hair back, but I guess I never really wanted to admit it and was too lazy to really try to make wearing my hair down work.

Marie Antoinette also pulled her hair back very tightly every day. She has an incredibly huge receding hairline.

Get the picture? 

So anyway, after sitting down last night and really beating myself up about it, I decided to give myself a challenge.

30 Day Hair Challenge
in which I must wear my hair down every day for 30 days unless I am working up a sweat (meaning exercise).

Today marks Day 1. Cheese!

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Heidi Greaves said...

Good for you! I could never do a month straight, but i should try and do mine down more often. I usually only do mine if we're going out. I hate it getting in the way of everything, plus my babies like to pull it and chew on it! Good luck!