Saturday, February 2, 2013

11 Months

I can't believe this little girl is 11 months old. I really can't believe she is going to be a year next month! (meaning this month...)

This month has brought so many exciting things. It is hard to pinpoint exactly where some things started, but I'm pretty sure most of these things I will mention were refined in this last month, so that is why I will just say she started this month.

So! On to the sharing!

How big is Hailey?
She is...old. And developing normally. But how big is she is kind of a bad question. I'm sure she has gained weight, but I'm not even going to guess because the last several times I've guessed, I've been waaay off. But my hope is that she will be 16lbs by the time she is one.

She is long though! Her little feet just dangle out of the edge of her carseat and it's embarrassing, I know. But we are waiting until her bday party to give her her new carseat, so I guess I'm just going to have to deal for a little while longer. She also strains in her 9m footsies - her poor little feet are so squished in there!

And to all you momma's of fat babies out there, Hailey is still in size 2 diapers!!! But I really think it depends on the brand that we get. The Parent's Choice brand has stretchier tabs, so I still have to overlap those. However I've noticed with Western Family and Up and Up that the tabs don't overlap nearly as much. I haven't even tried the Luvs, Pampers, or Huggies recently to even tell you how those fit right now. But one thing I have been grateful of is that when you buy a big box of 2's, you get more for your money still! Woot! I guess not many people can say they can get almost a hundred diapers for 13 bucks when their baby is almost one. So I am really grateful about that.

She mainly wears 9m clothes, and the occasional 12m, which is really good! She also wears a lot of t-shirts (instead of just onesies and pants)! We bought her some shoes....and she never wears them. That doesn't mean I don't put them on! It just means that her feet/ankles are so tiny and skinny that the shoes still fall off. Or she pulls them off. One of the two.

She still can't stand up on her own, but she's gotten really good and pulling herself up really fast with something. She can also walk herself along the edge of the couch and go from one object to the next while still holding on. She's still kind of wobbly, though, and I think with how small her feet are, just like her bum, it might take her a little while yet to have enough platform to stand on by herself!

What does Hailey eat?
Hailey is mainly table foods now. She will eat what we eat and she LOVES it. My only problem is how to give her fruit that she likes, and she still will only really do the puree kind. I really like the pouches that you can buy!
Her favorite foods include:
P.E.A.S. (need I say more?)
cheese tortilla
Chicken nuggets
Fruit (but NOT peaches, heaven forbid)
Tuna sandwich

We started her on whole milk a couple weeks ago. At first she was hesitant, but now she is fine for the most part. We finished up our last canister of formula and I decided I'm not buying anymore and she can just have milk. She hasn't shown any reactions to it and the doctor said milk is OK at this point, so she is now bottle free day!

She also eats any small objects she finds on the floor that will fit in her mouth.

She cut another tooth on the top finally! 4 months later, sheesh. I think another top one is coming in, though, as well as the two next bottom ones. She is chewing a lot lately, so that's what I'm thinking/hoping for.

She LOVES music. She will pull herself up to any piano and just play and play and play.
She LOVES to sing. She will sing when we have music playing, or will sing with me!
She LOVES to dance. Every time I start dancing in the kitchen, she'll bounce up and down in her high chair.
She LOVES to read. I'm not kidding! She will pick up anything that has print on it and start to blabber and babble like it's the greatest thing in the world! She also loves her fuzzy book with the baby animals.
She LOVES to put things in other things. She will take something out...just to be able to put it back in. Examples include taking the little finger puppets in and out of the bag, putting small objects in bowls, or boxes, or baskets, or her carseat. Which, speaking of...
She LOVES her carseat. She could be entertained for hours playing in it. One night Scott took her out and she got right back in to play. She just loves that thing.

She can clap, blow raspberries, click her tongue, say "Uh-oh!" and "Huh?", make Indian noises with her hand over her mouth, and clasp her hands together like praying.

I didn't realize this post was so long, but one last thing! The picture! (Don't mind the last two, because she was tired and that was the only time I could get a good picture of her in the carseat!)

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