Saturday, January 26, 2013


Ok, so here's the dilemma:

Hailey is poopy. I know she is, I can smell it. But I also know because she is happy and content and perfectly fine playing by herself right now and I can even walk out of the room for a second and she doesn't even notice! How do I know that means she's poopy? Because that's how it is every morning.

So the dilemma....I know I'm an awful mom, but if I change her, I just know she's going to hate me and get clingy again. Do I revel in this peace and quiet for just a little bit longer while I let her sit in her filth? Or do I sacrifice my "Me" time and her happiness and just change the darn diaper??

I know what the obvious answer is, but it still doesn't mean I want to do it...

Anyway! Foh-to's! Aka Photographs, which, by the way, one of the greatest stories I've ever heard about naivety, or something, was back in the day when photographs were still new and obscure. This young man was traveling to Utah. He was stopped at the border of somewhere and was asked if he had any pornography. The young man immediately replied, "How could I? I don't even own a pornograph!" Don't we wish our boys could be as unexposed to pornography as this sweet boy was?

And now to the photos!


Camera settings were wacky, so picture is blurry.

My dad's been gone on the road a lot, so with Jenn's new iPad mini(!) we Facetimed and even took a picture together!

I love birthday cakes, but I especially love Hailey's face in this!

I saw this on Pinterest...

Homemade lunchable. I loved it!

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