Friday, January 18, 2013

Greatest Birthday Ever!

This year was probably one of the best birthdays by far! It's not really that I did anything special, which I did actually, but I think it was because I actually had something to find a reprieve from instead of just doing same-old every year. I love my daughter, but a day away from mommy-hood and focusing on just me was probably the greatest thing I could have ever asked for. I also have a {wonderful} husband who so dutifully watched her while I went about and pampered and shopped myself to oblivion.

That being said, I loved my birthday this year! It started out by sleeping in (great as always!). I did do a little cleaning, because I can't enjoy my birthday in a messy house. After that, Hailey and I took Scott to class and hung out at my parents while he learned about aviation history. When Scott got out, he took Hailey and off I went for the next three hours. I got a pedicure with my sister, Jenn. Then I went to the mall and got my eyebrows {threaded}! Coolest thing ever! I love it, but I just wish it was just a little bit cheaper because I would totally do it more often. I shopped around a little bit, then headed off to my favorite store ever - {Hobby Lobby} - where I got to stare at yarn and even buy some with my birthday giftcard!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun just spending time by myself. It was a very nice reprieve from my normal responsibilities.

Then we left Hailey with Grandma Benson and Scott and I headed out to dinner and a movie. We haven't been to a movie in sooooo long! And by the way, Tuesday nights are cheap nights @Cinnemark theatre in Orem University Mall. We saw "Les Mis" !! Dare I write a review on that? :) It was so good!

And now I am {24} and starting a new year of life. I remember thinking when I was a teenager that being 20-anything was so old, and now here I am, almost halfway through. I love it. I love being a wife and mom. I love everything about my life and am truly grateful for every opportunity of growth and wonder.

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