Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Do you ever stop and think about the diner sometimes? Like how so much of our life was spent putting this thing together and then now it's gone? I'm not saying this in a bitter way, I'm just saying that the other day as I drove past the diner, I got into thinking about it again.

Like do you ever think about how when, in the future, it may open again as a different restaurant, and we'll walk in there as customers and say to the people behind the counter: "Did you know that my dad built this counter?" And they'll say: "Really?" And you'll just say, "Yeah, he did."

And then you'll say, "My husband laid that floor. My brother painted that wall. My sister hung those pictures. My mom kept this place cleaned to perfection. Do you have any idea how much work was really put into making this place come alive? I'll bet you have no idea. But I hope you appreciate it. Someday, I hope that wherever you are, you'll stop to think about why you are there and how you got there and who it was that made their sacrifices so that you can enjoy whatever it is that you're enjoying there. Because sometimes you just never know what really happened behind the scenes to make this thing possible."

So anyway. That's all my train of thought really was. Nellie's. Like I said, I'm not bitter or too sad. I just don't think it's a place you can ever think of again without some sort of nostalgia, but also without some sort of pride. This place that love built - we'll never be the same because of it. And I love the Lord for giving us this gift for such a short while.

Hooray for Memories.

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