Thursday, January 3, 2013

10 Months Old

Where is the time going?? I thought I just barely had a tiny little 5lb baby in my arms, and now she is 10 months old and getting herself all around the house!

Hailey turned 10 months old a few days after her first Christmas. She is getting so big! She loves to jabber and sing. She can pull herself up with anything, and she likes to get up high on her knees by herself. I won't be surprised when she starts standing on her own soon. Her hair is so incredibly long and I really need to look into getting it cut. She has started wearing shirts over her onesies, which totally makes her look like a big girl. She hates wearing shoes/socks and will always pull them off. She loves anything cloth and will immediately stick it in her mouth to suck/chew. She also loves to get into Daddy's video game cupboard and pull out every case. And she loves to stick EVERYTHING in her mouth. No new teeth yet, but hopefully those are coming soon.

She got sick so we took her in again. She had still not gained anything from the last month. 13lbs 2oz and I was getting a little frustrated. So I started a rigorous feeding routine that included lots of fatty egg yolk, fatty avocados, cereal, and cheese. And guess what! I worked! We took her in just 2 weeks later for her cough, and after eating an egg every day, she had gained a whole pound and a half!!! Scott's mom says she finally feels like a baby! I am so so happy, and so glad that I didn't have to resort to butter to make her gain. There are much healthier fats out there, and I am glade they worked for Hailey. I'm starting to feed Hailey a lot more table food and only buy the jars just to have on hand when I'm either lazy/busy or didn't give her enough protein throughout the day. She loves the eggs, she loves avocado, bananas, and really anything she can eat with her hands.

Most especially, she loves her dolly that she got for Christmas. She will smile so big and start laughing when she sees her and she will hug very tightly any part of the doll that is in her arms. Every little girl ought to have their very own doll!

And soon she will be a year old and we will have a fun birthday party! Hooray!

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