Thursday, June 23, 2011

For the First Time

There's nothing like seeing something for the first time and having a lasting memory made in your mind/heart. New vacations are my favorite because I get to go to a place I have never been before. I always try to imagine what it will look like in my head, and always the actual thing far surpasses my imaginations. And as much as there's a want to go back and re-live those memories, you know that you can't, at least not the same as they were the first time.

I took a walk today on the Provo River trail, but backwards, away from the canyon. It was a part of the trail I had never been on before, and it was SO fun exploring those new areas! There were so many trees lining the over-flowing river, and it was really fun walking inbetween everyone's backyards. I had quite the adventure. And even though my feet are so-ore (don't wear dress sandals on long walks in the sun), it was totally worth it!

I know that this blog is supposed to be about CC and Scotty, but I'm sorry that I write about me a lot. Scotty doesn't write in blogs. His only internet time is when he checks his Facebook (he never posts anything) and checks the news/sports. I think it would be a miracle if Scotty got on and actually posted something on our blog!

So, to honor Scotty, I'll make this next paragraph completely about him.
Today he cleaned the car. And waxed the headlights. I am so proud of him! He's such a good, hard worker. And then he ate all his dinner. And now he is playing XBox as a reward for being so good today. He went boating yesterday with our brother-in-law. Now my Scotty is all tan and super sore. He says he feels like an old man. I don't blame him. He was whipped around all over the lake like a rag doll. He still works at Walmart. Nothing new there. And we still get discounts, and that's why I still shop there. Oh, and he "bought me a grill for Mother's Day." We had our first BBQ on Tuesday night. How fun was that!

Also, my Scotty is very handsome. I love my Scotty very much!

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