Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Love My Vacuum

And thus it begins that I discover my vacuum can do so much more than clean the floors.

On another note, I cleaned my house! Yay. Not really any different than every other Saturday of my life. Also, I was doing sooo well on being productive today. Right up until the point where I thought, Oh, I've got 2 hours until I need to be anywhere and I've gotten (almost) everything done. Why don't I sit down on the computer for a while and relax?

And 45 minutes later, here I am. Now I have to scramble. Stop being lazy! Why does showering have to be so inconvenient??

Gross. Pretend I didn't say that. I do enjoy showering...on the occasional day where I feel exceptionally greasy. The thing is, I'm not a fish like my husband or my sister-in-law. I don't look forward to the moment when I can wake up and get into the shower for an hour. I look forward to breakfast in the morning, not getting myself all wet.

When I was 14, I can home from Trek and I laid down in the hallway and refused to take a shower. I stayed up until 2:00am countless times in my youth because I would not take a shower, yet couldn't go to bed until I did. I just hate getting wet!

Ok, that's a lie. I love swimming, and I love the lake, and all other fun things like that. I guess it's the after part that I hate when my face gets all dry and my hair gets all tangled and frizzy.

Now you know all my secrets. Don't tell anyone I told you this!


Ayisha said...

hahaha you sound like me. I HATE taking a shower. I don't hate the shower part, I hate getting out and realizing my hair is going to be RIDICULOUS unless I waste more time in making it semi presentable.

9c said...

Exxx-ACTLY. It's the fear of what has to happen after the shower that keeps me from going in.