Friday, June 3, 2011


Such a fascinating subject. I mean, pain drives you to do things you wouldn't ever normally do. What would you do if you were in such agonizing (physical) pain and you knew someone held the key to your relief? What would you do to obtain that relief?? Would you lie? Would you cheat? Would you steal? Would you kill?

Would you go so far as to completely demoralize yourself and treat those in your way like they weren't anything more than something you can take your wrath out on and leave beaten, lying on the side of road?

We're people, too, people! It just...amazes me how easily people forget about others and only think of themselves in times of greatest need.


**To further inquire into the subject of pain, I would refer you to read a fascinating (yes, I like the word fascinating, ok?) book called Complications: A Surgeons Notes on an Imperfect Science. Very, very good.

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