Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remember When We Used to Be Like This?

So on Sunday, I was sitting in primary with my husband and I overheard these three 5-yr old girls talking to each other behind our row. Their conversation went something like this:

Girl #1: I'm sorry I couldn't play yesterday. I had to do [something]. (I couldn't really tell what she said)
Girl #2: That's ok. Can you play on Monday?
Girl #3: I can play on Monday.
Girl #2: I wasn't talking to you, I was asking [Girl #1].
Girl #3: Oh. Well, can I play with you on Monday, too?
Girl #2: Yeah, I guess.

Oh, it was just the cutest thing and it brought back so many memories of calling my friends up on the phone when I was 5 and asking them if they can play. How tender.

P.S. I grabbed this photo from online and so I really hope it wasn't someone's personal photo of their children. Because that would be awkward.

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