Monday, June 6, 2011

The Walmart Spark

Let's sit back a moment and reflect on how ridiculous Walmart is:
They scheduled one cashier for a Monday morning.
This one cashier was put in a speedy checkout, 19 items or less.
That means no conveyor belt for speedy checkout of more than 19 items.

Wouldn't it be that the one morning I decide to run inside real quick to get something before work, I end up in line behind one of those girls who fill. up. their. cart. to. the. brim. with stuff and can only unload "19 items at a time" and has to put her full grocery bags on the floor because there is no room in her cart because she has so much stuff!! This is seven 'o clock in the morning, lady! Don't you know Walmart is only going to have one cashier and that there are people that have to get to work?? I had a HALF HOUR before I had to leave for work and I barely made it out in time!

I got a little sick of waiting in line and since I know all the in's of Springville Walmart, I thought I'd head back to Electronics to find someone to check me out there. Nope. No one. Not a soul. Isn't there always someone scheduled in electronics at 7:00am??

So, quite annoyed at this point, I head back to the front of the store. The same guy is waiting in line behind the same girl, so I was back to where I started. Except now she was starting on coupons. The cashier had a whole pile of printed out coupons at her register that she had just started scanning. I hate people like that!!!

Not really. I actually don't blame her for trying to come to Walmart on a Monday morning to do her huge shopping because yes, it is slow. But once again, let's sit back and reflect on how stupid Walmart is and doesn't know how to manage their own stores.

Sorry for the rant. I know I shouldn't hate Walmart. They pay my bills, and I'm grateful for that.

Thanks for listening!

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