Friday, September 9, 2011

All Things Happen for a Reason

One thing that I have to keep reminding myself is that all things happen for a reason. And with these fun experiences, we are meant to learn something (it's up to you what you end up learning) and hopefully make our faith grow. I know that while we are going through these trials, they are definitely no fun at all, but I guess when you look back on them and realize how much they made you change, you are glad you went through what you did.

That being said, yay for trials! I have about had it up to *here* with UVU and getting our financial aid figured out. Also, we get to buy a car! Our car! Yes, we are pretty much selling our car to ourselves. Trust me, it works when the car wasn't originally in your name anyway and you need to satisfy some "first car buyer" requirements before you can really go out and get the car of your choice. So it works out for us and we get to build our credit by doing what we were already doing -paying for the Sentra! It's funny what simple words on a piece a paper can do to change the meaning of everything.

I realize that whole paragraph may not have entirely made sense, but that's ok. It did to me.

Also, I really like Mater-Roni, thanks to my niece Maggie. I also can't wait for these next few weeks to be over so that hopefully my nausea will subside because I hate feeling sick after everything I eat!!! And you know what really stinks? I got so hooked on cottage cheese and peaches and I thought, Sweet! I am actually liking something healthy and good for me. And now I really don't want to touch that stuff ever again. Why does pregnancy do this to you?!

I also realize that yes, I have wasted 2 hours on the computer when I know I should be cleaning and doing the dishes!

I can't wait to be able to eat candy and chocolate again and actually enjoy it afterward instead of wanting to throw up. My stomach turns just even thinking of some of these things. But then it will all change tomorrow and I'll be craving more sugar again. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm sorry, I know I'm rambling. I just thought I would be better about blogging and give you something fun to read.

Once upon a time there was a fairy princess who lived in a castle. One day she was kidnapped by the evil witch who lived down the street and owned a beautiful garden. This witch fed the lovely princess 3 of her magic beans every day until her hair glowed green and grew high up toward the sky. One day, a prince giant discovered her beautiful hair-vine and decided to climb down it to see what was below him, a world he had always seen from above but never been able to explore. However, after several hours of empty streets and abandoned fields, he decided it was boring and climbed back up the vine. Where was everybody? They were at the festival. It was the princess's birthday, you see, but she was missing and nobody knew where she was. That was because the evil witch lady had actually turned her into a frog and little did he know, but the prince giant was actually supposed to kiss her so that she would turn back to a normal beautiful fairy princess again but instead he had stepped on her on his way back up the vine and all the beautiful hair turned to mush and he fell down with it, crashing to the ground and creating a rift so big that it was later named the Grand Canyon.

The End!

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