Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back on Schedule!

I had my second pre-natal appointment today and guess what! I got the go-ahead from the doctor to be back at 14 weeks! Woo-hoo I am so happy!

Ok, I didn't really need the doctor's permission to be back to where I was before, but it did matter to me about what he said because, well, he is the doctor and he was the one with the ultrasound last month. However, he admitted that although the ultrasound said I was a week behind my gestational counting, we were just going to go with what we were at before, which would bring me back to 14 weeks and I couldn't be anymore happier!! This also scoots my due date up to *March 21*. Oh boy!

So for an update, everything is great and healthy. I am feeling great and finally eating again, which is really nice! I still haven't gained any weight, but the doctor says that is good because of where I started. It's just still up to me to be careful about what I eat and how much I eat. Carbs are still gonna kill me, and I can't use pregnancy as an excuse. And that's that.

We listened to baby's heartbeat today and THAT was really exciting! I can't believe I am sharing my body with an actual living being! The heart rate measured around 150bpm, which is very good and average for where I am right now. Annnnddd not trying to get my hopes up or anything, but there is the old wives tale of "if the heart rate is above 140, then it is a girl...." But like I said, not getting my hopes up just yet! We will find out more about that for sure at 20 weeks. That will be in beginning of November.

Also, I sewed some burp cloths for my friend last night and it reminded me of how much I LOVE to sew and I am commandeering my mother's sewing machine and materials so that I can continue to work on whatever fun little projects I want! Hooray for me!

That's it for now, but I do feel very good about everything. Also, they are laying tile at the dad's restaurant. Everything is looking so good!!

P.S. Pregnant ladies/Mommies: Did you ladies ever get nose bleeds while you were pregnant? I haven't had a nose bleed since who-knows-when but I've had two in the last couple days and I did read online that stuff like this could happen. I don't know. What do you think?


Kates said...

ahh!! You heard the heartbeat?? That's sooo cool!

Bensons said...

I don't remember getting nosebleeds, but I did get stuffy and stayed that way pretty much til the end. Maybe try some *saline* nose drops to moisten and maybe that will help with the nosebleeds?

I'm glad you are back to counting how you were! I figured the doctor wouldn't change your due date, only because (I think I mentioned this already, sorry) I measured bigger or smaller at different times througout my pregnancy and was told that unless it's a really big difference they don't usually change it.
Anyway, enough with my rambling! Glad everything is still going well and that you heard baby's heartbeat! So exciting!! :)

McKell + Garrett Hartle said...

Nose bleeds are very common during pregnancy. Due to the increased blood flow... I never used to get them, but being pregnant, I find myself carrying a box of tissues in my car, just in case. I really only got them during my 2nd trimester.

staceyk said...

nose bleeds are very normal smae with stuff dry nose. MY nose was stuffy the hole time I was pregno. it changes your hole body its so weird! good luck with the rest of the fun things being pregno dose to you. xoxo