Saturday, January 7, 2012


I would like to say that when you are doing the right thing and going down the right path that the Lord intends for you to go down, things just somehow work out. I know a lot of it has to come from you, meaning that you have to be the one to take the initiative to start down that path in the first place, but if that path is the right one for you to take, the Lord will bless you along the way and will allow for things to work out so that you know it is the right path you are supposed to be down. That being said!

Scott struggled for a while trying to decide what he wanted to go to school for. For the first year of marriage, I am not going to lie that I was quite frustrated that he couldn't decide what he wanted to do and hadn't started school yet, but, I was patient. Finally, he decided that he wanted to study aviation. This had been a life-long dream for him anyway, and it would allow him to do what he loved to do. And thus he chose Aviation.

We knew this was not going to be cheap. Aviation is actually one of the more expensive majors, kind of like medical school, except thank goodness he doesn't have to go to school for 8 years just to become a pilot. Technically, he doesn't even have to go to school at all to become a pilot, but this way, it is cheaper and he gets a degree out of it. However, we decided to pursue this path regardless of the expenses knowing that if it wasn't the one we were supposed to be on, the Lord would let us know. A sort of scary initiative, but kind of exciting, too.

This semester starts the expensive part of his degree - the actually flying. Did you know that it costs about $200 every time he goes up, and he has to go up at least 3 times a week? A full semester is usually 13-ish weeks, so you can imagine how quickly that adds up. I was very nervous that financial aid would not come through in time, but amazingly, everything worked out. I don't know how, but it did. Even Scott's full-time work schedule worked out, allowing him to still get some daylight hours into his flying time.

I truly see this as a miracle and that we are on the correct path that we are meant to pursue. The stepping stones have been laid out for us so perfectly that I know that this is where the Lord wants us to be and He is helping make it possible. Remember the scripture 1 Nephi 3:7?
"...for I know the Lord giveth no commandment unto
the children of men save he shall
prepare a way that they may accomplish the
thing which he hath commanded them."
(or something to that extent)
The Lord has commanded us to go to school and get an education and he has helped us out tremendously.

I would also just like to say that I am very grateful right now for the jobs that we have, and for the great schedules they allow us. We have been so blessed with these jobs, and with our home, and with being able to find a 2nd car that would work within our means and fit children. Everything is working out. I know there are going to be more storms ahead, but I know they are all for our good. We have been so blessed and I hope you can find the blessings in your life, too.

Oh, and I suppose I should post a picture since that was one of my blog goals for this year. No cute baby pictures yet, but how about something fun like Disneyland!! (sorry it's a little blurry)

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