Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello, 2012!

These are my Blogger Resolutions this year:
1. Blog more often.
2. Blog about pregnancy progress every week - we're getting down to the end!
3. Post more pictures when I blog.

I think those are pretty good blogs. I know I am not the most consistent blogger, but when I think about all the other blogs that I like to read, I think I should probably do everyone a favor a blog more so people don't get bored with mine.

New Year's Eve was really fun - we just spent it at my parents' house with my siblings. It was nice and relaxing - we ate food and played games. And I barely made it til midnight. Go me!

I had the Monday Jan. 2 off, so that was really nice to hang around my house and work on some projects. By projects, I mean cleaning out Hailey's "room" !! It's really quite pathetic, that we are sticking her in the back storage room with no windows and a curtain to hide all our storage. But I feel very good about myself for packing everything into one side of the room and I am very proud of Scott for finding a cute curtain to hide everything behind. It actually doesn't look too bad!

That reminds me, these are my real New Year's Resolutions, at least that involve the first 3 months (haha):

1. Prepare Hailey's "room"
- This involves cleaning out excess storage, taking all old junk to the DI, putting up the hiding curtain, buying a dresser of some sort, putting together the crib, and sewing the bumpers/dust cloth. This also could involve picking up the rocking chair and bassinet from one of Candice's friends. Oh, and also buying a space heater. Very important for that back storage room.
2. Make a baby registry.
- I am thinking probably Baby Registry and Target.
3. Start talking to boss about Maternity Leave!

1. Finish gathering equipment.
- This means basically finishing buying/obtaining everything that we'll need for the baby when she arrives. Hopefully this should include baby showers and final buying of "big ticket" items like stroller/carseat, etc. However, I would also like this to include the small things like nail clippers, baby shampoo, diapers, wipes, and all other small things necessary for taking care of a new baby!
2. Wash all clothes and put into dresser.
3. Hopefully have a hospital tour??

1. Pack Hospital Bag.
- I know I'm not really due until the latter end of March, but you never know what can happen and I'd rather be better safe than sorry.
2. My ultimate goal is to be completely ready for Baby Hailey to come about 2 weeks before my due date. I'm so excited for these projects to keep me busy!!

**Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I should be doing to prepare? Please let me know!!


staceyk said...

start stocking up on dippers and whipes also formula if you are going to use that at all

HRH said...

Have you thought about taking birthing classes? I know ours included a tour of the hospital, and was actually quite helpful :) Also, make sure you have your own shampoos, deodorant, etc. Most hospitals don't have them and it's better safe than sorry I discovered :)