Monday, January 9, 2012


Today starts back the first day of the semester. And I don't have to go to school. Weird? Actually, not! It feels kind of nice!! But Scotty is gone at school and I am bored at home, alone. I purposely left a lot of things for me to do today to keep myself busy, but I've been home for an hour and still haven't gotten around to doing anything but eat. I need to find myself some good motivation here for the next few months until I have a baby to keep me busy.

Maybe I should take walks.

Maybe I should get off the computer and go do something productive, like start dinner so that Hungry Scotty will be able to eat when he gets home!

Also, I learned something interesting. When you are translating your name to Hawaiian, it is not a direct translation but rather a translation of what your name means. My name is Nancy and it means gracious or grace. In Hawaii, they have a saying "Ke Aloha o ke Akua" which means "The Grace of God." That means that my name in Hawaiian would simply be...Aloha, or Kealoha. How cool is that? :)

Some day I will go and research my ancestry.

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Kates said...

well once you have a pilot to fly you there, that will be a lot easier to do :)