Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 Things I Love About My Husband

14 - He is kind to everybody.

13 - He can make a conversation with anybody/He is very good at making friends.

12 - He is a good, honest, hard worker.

11 - He is a funny, funny boy.

10 - His obsession with chocolate. This is apparently not even a laughing matter. It is very, very serious.

9 - He looks incredibly handsome both with and without facial hair.

8 - He has the exact same taste in music as I do.

7 - We both love a lot of the same things.

6 - Everything is better when we are together.

5 - Our work schedules allow us to be home together every evening.

4 - He is so patient with me through my mood swings, sick days, restless nights, breakdowns. He holds me close and just lets me cry or whine. He is so loving and good to me.

3 - How excited he is about Hailey coming and how he plays and talks with her.

2 - He is my very best friend.

1 - He has a very firm testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel and lives it and honors and upholds his priesthood.

Happy Valentine's Day, my wonderful, incredibly sexy
and handsome love of my life!

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