Thursday, February 9, 2012

34 Weeks Plus Some Thoughts

34 Weeks Wed. February 8, 2012


I know that, once again, I have not been consistent. How do I feel? Tired! I barely sleep anymore. I literally dread going to bed at night because I know I'll be tossing and turning more than half the night. My poor back can't take the weight of my belly when I'm laying down. I try pillows underneath, but I think I still have yet to find the right thickness that will help me feel most comfortable.

My face has been another issue since I've gotten down near the end. I've always had a very acne-prone face, and it's always frustrated me. While I was on birth control, it was the clearest I have ever had it since I started puberty. Unfortunately, I did not want birth control to last forever - the weight gain, the mood swings, and the obvious controlling of birth, well, it wasn't something that I planned to keep in the picture forever. My face broke out pretty bad when I first got pregnant, but 2nd trimester seemed to really mellow out and I was doing just fine. Once again, third trimester hits, and I am at it again. My face is oilier (is that a word?) than ever. Realistically, I can't hide my face behind a paper bag every time I go out in public, so I have learned to just deal with it, but I do try the best I can to take care of my face. It's just been frustrating these last few weeks, is all.

Also...I didn't think morning sickness could come back at all. Now when I mean "morning sickness," I just mean the same upset tummy ache that I felt at the beginning of the pregnancy. The same upset tummy that didn't let me eat any sugar or, well, anything really. I've been doing really well on my diet/nutrition intake, but ever since the tummy started hurting again, I just haven't been in the mood to eat anything anymore. It really makes me sad, and frankly, surprised. I'm sorry, Scotty, but I just don't want to cook anymore right now. Poor boy.

I believe you saw my most recent post about throwing away my bumpers project. Yes, that was a disaster. And no, I don't feel bad about giving that up. I honestly tried and did my best, and even thought that is $__.00 going down the drain, I really don't feel bad about it. It was more of a stress than it was relaxing or therapeutic or nesting-like or whatever. I feel a lot better knowing I don't have to deal with those anymore.

Yes, I did go to California a couple weeks ago, and yes, I was going to put a post up with pictures, and yes, it is in my rough drafts, and yes, I will get it up. Eventually. *wink*

Also, Hailey is just getting so big! We had our 34 week appt yesterday, and that was fun! Hailey is officially head down, and the doctor did an ultrasound just to make sure. Ok, so when I think ultrasound, I think, see the whole body and perfect profile of baby's head. How wrong I was! Obviously the baby has grown VERY much since week 20, and her whole head filled up the whole screen. I was so surprised! I couldn't make anything out, but apparently the doctor could and said her mouth was opening and closing. Oh, my baby!

Since I've been doing so well, I didn't have to come in at 32 weeks like most other people. I will come in at 36 (on Feb 22!) and then do every week from there, of course. I can't believe I am getting that close! I can really feel Hailey's bum now when she pokes it out against my stomach, and Scott loooooves to "play" with her and talk with her (notice I didn't say talk to. Yes, he thinks she is talking back), and he got so excited when he felt her bum today and just had to hug me so tight and I told him to stop because it made me have to pee! It is just getting so real to me and Scott that we are going to have a baby soon and that the baby inside my tummy is just getting so close to her final birth size and being born and just...everything!

I still have a lot to do to get ready for her, but the next few weeks are full of baby shower fun and hopefully I will be able to finish gathering all my supplies by March. My goal is to have everything (ha) ready by Mar 7, including hospital bag packed. We still need to set up the crib. And oil the rocker. And oil the crib. And glue the piece that Scott broke on it. And we need diapers. Yes, we need diapers. And I got more wonderful clothes from my wonderful friend, and now I just need to go to my mom's and wipe down the old bins she has in the shed and then I can wash all my clothes and put them all in the bins (yes, no dresser) and put her supplies and stuff in the bins and, gosh, I'm just so excited for all this stuff!

I know this post is long, sorry. Last of all, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been my friends throughout this pregnancy. I mean, you always have been my friends, but I am grateful for your support and fun conversations, especially you moms that share your fun new baby experiences with me.

Oh, also, update on Scott's life, haha. He is flying, he is loving it, and that's all he can think about. His instructor seems to think he is doing really well and is hoping to have Scott solo by March! He is learning a lot in his ground instruction class as well, and he hates his math class, as always. According to Scott, "We are never going to use this. Ever."

I love my husband very much. I love his silly goofiness. Oh, and did you know he has a goatee now? I'll have to take a picture and post it up on here for everyone to see. And we love our little Hailey!!!

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