Sunday, February 19, 2012

How the Mr and Mrs Met

Today we celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and I suppose you all are wondering how we met. Well, I will tell you. In a nutshell.

How We Met

When I was 15 years old, my family moved into Scott's ward. He was 16. Apparently he helped move everything into the house with some other ward members, but I don't remember meeting him there.

A couple years went by and we may have passed occasionally, but I don't really remember him. Obviously he wasn't very significant to me at the time.

When I was 17, our Sunday School class combined with the class right above ours and Scott's sister and bro-in-law were called to be our teachers. That was when we really started talking.

That following summer (2006 - Scott had graduated and I had just finished my junior year) was the big Stake Youth Conference Trek. Scott and I were assigned to the same family, which happened to be my parents' trek family. We began talking a lot more because we were both excited to be in the same family together. Mind you, at the time, he was dating someone else.

We had a great time on trek, but we didn't really talk much more to each other than I would have to anyone else on the trek.

Fast forward to Christmas time. I was in the MVHS choir and we were singing up at Temple Square. Mutual night also happened to be up at Temple Square that night. Scott rode up with my parents. My mom was saying how much she liked having him in the "family" and Scott was saying how much he liked being in the "family" and they were trying to figure out ways he could be a part of the real Septon family when he blurts out, "I could just marry Nancy!"


"...Do Nancy?" asks everyone in the car.

And so thus my mom finds out that Scott is single and has an extra ticket to go to the Forgotten Carols with his cousin and she very highly encourages Scott to ask me out on a date.

And was the greatest date of my life. And no, not because I thought he was cute and finally was getting my dream date with him, because honestly, I didn't think he was very cute at all. It was great because of how well we got along. And because I couldn't stop thinking about the date/him afterward. And because I was mad that our human minds had to forget things that were so great for us (yes - that's almost exactly what I wrote in my journal, too!). It was the last thing I had expected, to enjoy so much being with Scott. But that's just it. It was great. We talked the whole time. No awkward pauses like I was worried about. Everything just....flowed.

So he asked me out on another date. And another. And gradually throughout the second half of my senior year, we would occasionally go on dates here and there, a movie, or Arby's, or just something simple. And the whole while, we kept joking that he was going to be my "future husband" and I, his "future wife."

I graduated and we hung out more. Then one night, Scott pulls me aside and tells me he likes me, a lot. And I tell him I like him, and we hold hands and are sort of official. But I never kissed him. I didn't like him that much.

He got his mission call, I went to college at Utah State, he left, and I thought, good. Now I can date other guys. And I did. And I almost got married.

But the Spirit knew how to work on me just right, and I knew in the end it was Scott that I was to marry, not this other guy. We faithfully wrote the last half of his mission. Apparently he had already known we were going to get married even before he left on his mission. So, that worked out nicely.

And I came home from college and he came home from his mission and we got engaged and got married and here we are, two years later with our first baby on the way.

So there's our story! I hope you enjoyed it. It's not much of a nutshell, but it's good.

Happy Anniversary, my Scotty!!!

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