Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Change My Mind Sometimes

I might be guilty of changing my mind a lot, but I have to keep my options open when other things are just too expensive to have. Remember this post about wanting a certain Eddie Bauer Adventurer Stonewood Travel System Stroller Set?'s kinda pricey. But I did find THIS beauty....

...and it is a lot more affordable. Plus, it's got yellow, and gray, and I loooove both the colors. Very neutral. And did I happen to mention I love yellow?

Only hitch is, it's only available online on Target's website, which means if we got it, I wouldn't really be able to test it out beforehand and see how it feels in person. Also, who knows how long we'd have to wait for shipping. I've only got so many weeks left here!

But, oh, is that a bad thing? Graco makes good strollers/carseats. I think we should be ok! I want this one, but I should probably run it by my hubby first.

1 comment:

Kates said...

just fyi, target ships VERY quickly, I've always been impressed by them. So shouldn't be an issue there :) it's cute! I like. Also, looove the new header photo!