Monday, May 30, 2011

I Don't Know What to Call This Post

I have so many pictures and stories to share because I haven't posted any pictures for the last little while and you guys need to be caught up on every detail of mine and my husband's life. Woot.

Where do I begin...?

Do I start with my story about how Scotty and I have been fishing a lot lately and spur of the moment bought ourselves two poles and two licenses?

[I pole]

Or do I share my story about how I caught my first fish on Saturday? (!!!)

And how I cooked it up?

And ate it and it was so yummy??

Or do I share our dryer story that has been long awaited about how one day our dryer stopped working and we found out that it had kept tripping the breaker so we tore apart the house (sort of) trying to find the breaker and then ended up just thinking it was the dryer all together?

So we moved out the old dryer and said good-bye...

...went out and bought a whole new dryer from RC Willey (it was actually pretty cheap and the exact same one, just newer)...

...and moved in the new dryer and hooked it up and started it and....

...tripped the breaker again. What!

Come to find out, the old dryer was in perfect working condition, and so was the breaker. That made me really mad finding that out because we had already bought the new one. I hate spending money when we don't have to, especially when we had gotten our first dryer for free.

Or, I could possibly share my story with you about how I finally got the nerve and bleached it. I bleached it all! The house smelled like a stuffed-up swimming pool, but I don't think I could have done a better bleaching job.

That's right. I bleached my...

...bathroom! Good-bye mold on the walls,

the ceilings,

and the baseboards. Everything looks so beautiful!

In case you guys were wondering, the breaker did stop tripping. We don't know what caused it to start in the first place, maybe we never will. All we know is that things happen for a reason and maybe we were supposed to buy this new dryer from RC Willey anyway. You never know. Funny how life does that to you.

Well, I hope you all had a fantastic time reading this post. I certainly had fun, because it beats sitting around the house on Memorial Day while my husband is at work. Make the sun come out!

I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day. It's nice to have days to remember those who have gone on before us.

I love America!


Kates said...

you are so cute Nanc. I love reading about your adventures :)

Ayisha said...

Fishing, huh? I was thinking about going fishing, then said to myself 'who in the world goes fishing?' Now I know, Scott and 9c do!! I love this post. And your bathroom looks AM-AAZZINGLY clean. clean bathrooms are the best.