Thursday, May 26, 2011


My little bit of wisdom for you today:

Every once in a while, you need to buy something new. New doesn't have to mean expensive. Even buying at DI brings home a purchase new to you. Having that new thing in your life stirs things up. It's different, and it gives you something exciting to look forward to.

I just bought a purse at DI for 2 dollars. It's not fashionable, but it's new to me and just what I wanted, and it's given me an excuse to dress up a little more and go out in public. I get excited when I have to leave the house because I get to grab up that new purse for the road. It's just fun, and just what I needed to rejuvinate myself.

Happy Almost Memorial Day! I get to see my brother AND my grandparents this weekend, so I'm really looking forwad to it. I also get Monday off and we're crossing our fingers it's sunny enough to have a very nice, enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day celebration.

Remember how we used to go up Big (or was it little?) Cottonwood Canyon every Memorial Day and we would play horse shoe and go hiking and eat deviled eggs? And then Tom fell down the cliff. Good memories, good memories.

Happy Thursday!

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