Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures :(

You know, I really wanted to update my blog today and post some fun pictures of my rather smelly weekend. We have church at 9:00am so getting home at noon should give me plenty of time to get on the computer and do my blog-stuff but what do I do? I eat and then take a nap. Until 5:00pm when it's time to get up and go to Orem.


So here I am, instead, at my parents' house, with no pictures. I should probably just carry my laptop with me everywhere I go if I ever want to get this done because I seem to always get on the internet everywhere BUT on my laptop.

I will now share with you some thoughts:
No, my husband and I did not get raptured yesterday. And neither did anyone else we know, as far as we are concerned. :(
I have forgotten how fun Mario Party is and have been lucky enough to be able to play it a few times lately with my bro- and sis-in law. Thanks Brad and Liz!
The Green Hornet is a badly made film. Don't see it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the small window of warmth and sunshine that we had yesterday.
A trip to the mall food court does count as a date when you are too tired to cook dinner.
My husband's side of the mattress is a lot softer than my side - why is that??
The Church is true.
Oh, and as far as end-of-the-world-doomsday-destruction is concerned, a volcano erupted under an glacier somewhere in Iceland.

Have a Great Sabbath!

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