Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Dinner...Happy Family

So yesterday we had a big Sunday dinner for Memorial Day at my parents house because my little brother Marine Thomas was home for a couple days and my grandparents were in town. We also had Linda and Greg over with their niece Brittany (who could technically be my 2nd cousin...or something?) who is Tom's age. There was tons of food and loud laughter and squishing all the youngsters (namely me, Scott, Heather, Oy, Jenn, Brittany, Tom, and Greg) around the extra folding table. It was tunzz of fun!

I will have to say, the highlight of that whole night was when we were all chatting around the table during dinner. Scott was telling a story and I was asking Oy to pass me the butter. Suddenly, every one of us at the table burst out into loud, loud laughter at the exact same time. We were all laughing so hard, but no one knew why the other side of the table was laughing at the same time our side was. When Candice had passed me the butter, there was no knife. Instead, she had used the other end of a fork, and that is why her, me, and Heather all started laughing, but we didn't think it was THAT funny for everyone else around the table to laugh at that, too.

Apparently, Scott had told his story about Grandpa Benson's "rocket boosters" (aka farts) and had told the punch line right as I got a good look at Candice's impromptu "butter knife." It was so funny, especially since everyone was confused why everyone else was laughing, haha. But we found it out, and then we laughed some more.

Such a happy night. I don't think I had laughed so hard with my fam in such a long time. Sigh. =)

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Ayisha said...

Those quirky family moments are definitely the best :) Love it