Sunday, November 13, 2011

21 Weeks - Half Way There!

(I know, 20 weeks is technically half way, but I never got around to taking any pictures during week 20. I will be 22 weeks this upcoming Wed. Nov. 16. Woo-hoo!!)

I am almost reluctant to put up this picture! I know it is completely normal to feel fat or huge or big or whatever, and I really have been trying to take care of my body by eating well and much as I can. And I love seeing my belly grow! We'll just have to bear with me as every...other...part(s) of me grows as well.

Anyway, enjoy this picture! I am halfway there!! Sometimes I think I look bigger than where I should be at (when I compare myself to my friend who is only a couple weeks behind me and barely even has a bump!), but that's OK! Every body is different, and every pregnancy is different.

That being said, here is the lovely picture. Feeling great, nothing super exciting or new since I posted yesterday. I am loving being pregnant!

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Kates said...

I know a girl who you couldn't tell she was pregnant till her last two months, not even joking. And then there's my sister who on her 3rd pregnancy, she fit into her 7 month clothes at 5 months. So every belly's different :) You look like a cute prego mommy-to-be!