Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Bob WeHadABabyItsAGirl

Ok, so we haven't had the baby yet, but it is going to be a girl!

Profile 1:

Profile 2: (oh! Isn't she just precious??)

This is the baby's right arm. If you can see, it has her humerus, elbow bending slightly up, and hand and fingers on the end.

Arm and Leg! These are both on the right side. On the arm, hand bends slightly down and fingers curl in. Leg is bent all the way at the knee, with foot and toes at the end.

It's a girl!
Now, I know some of you are probably wondering how in the world you can tell it's a girl from this picture. I know. The tech had kind of a hard time getting a good angle on the baby, not to mention she was apparently "breech" at the time and was probably not going to let us see anything at all if she wanted to! We were lucky to be able to get anything! But we had an experienced tech (who was training the tech doing the ultrasound) and she was very confident that the empty space between the two legs was definitely a girl!

And you guys, if you're wondering what's up with the title, you PLEASE have to see this commercial. Come on, don't tell me you haven't seen it! (And yes, I know the commercial is about a boy. But it's just funny anyway!)


Ayisha said...

AUGH!!! I LOVE that you mentioned that commercial!!! It used to be one of my favorites!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Nanc, I'm so happy for you. Congrats girl... I better get an invite to the baby shower. I would love you see you. It has been too long!