Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some More Pictures

These first few pictures mean a lot to me, especially after Scott and I actually got to go to the DC Temple back in August.

These pictures were taken in December 1985 when my parents were sealed together for all time and eternity in the Washington DC Temple. This was right after my sister Jenn was born.

And now we have Scott and I together at the same temple, one generation later and the next on its way. As you can see, these pictures are very special to me.

We carved our pumpkin a couple days before Halloween! Isn't he cute? The big one is Scott, the medium is me, and the small is our little baby!

My awesome friend Stacey gave me all her old baby clothes. The the first picture is mostly newborn sizes, and the next picture is the 0-3 months. I am so excited and can't wait to dress up my little girl in these clothes!

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staceyk said...

Im so happy I could give them to you! if you want her 3-6 month when she grows out of them it will be soon cuz she's just a big cute bab lol anyway yopu can have them xoxo