Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2 Month Stats

Technically, Hailey is 9 weeks as of yesterday, but that doesn't really matter. She had her two-month baby check-up yesterday and I also (finally) had my postpartum check. It's kind of nice when you're seeing the same doc - kill two birds with one stone!

Hailey's Stats:
Age: 2 months
Weight: 8 lbs 9 oz (25%)
Height: 21" (10%)
Head Circumference: 38cm (50%)

As you can see, she's still teeny-tiny but she is on the right track growing rate, relatively! For those of you who are confused about the percentages, that is just the percentile that they use to basically say how big or small your kid is compared to all the rest of the kids out there. The higher the number, the bigger your kid, the lower the number, the smaller your kid. Her head is pretty average, but everything else is just small small! I'm OK with that, though. Makes for an easier time picking her up and carrying around that carseat!

She also got the first of her immunizations. She did pretty well for the most part. I'm not going to lie, I almost did cry when they poked her. Just the look on her face of, oh my, this hurts, when they stuck her was priceless and so sad at the same time. She was crying those silent cries where you don't hear anything but it's deep and her face was reeeeed. Oh, my poor baby! However, I gave her some baby Tylenol before the appointment so it actually kicked in pretty soon and she was out as we left the office. That was nice. I also had to give her one more dose before she went to bed because she was screaming again. Before she fully fell asleep, Scott shook her tummy (like, "wake up") and she looked SO stoned, it was hard not to laugh at her! I should have recorded it. Her eyes were like on slow-motion and they rolled all around. I know we shouldn't make fun of our children, especially when they are doped up on medicine, but it was just too funny.

And, well, you don't really care, but I had to get my annual pap smear for my portion of the appointment. Oh joy. Dr also gave me an RX for my acne. It's really flared up since I started breastfeeding and it hurts. :(

So, Hailey is two months old! Her first month, she was a good baby. Her second month, she is still a good baby, she has definitely figured out how to use her lungs, finally. She cries a lot more than she used to. She has also started salivating. Lots more drool comes out of her mouth than it used to. She also likes to suck on her hands now.

She still sleeps really well. I am grateful for that. She goes about 5-6 hours at a time, so I am definitely not complaining. We also got her a little portable swing for cheap and she loves napping in that.

She is sort of starting to smile. We will get that real smile here yet. I just can't quite get her to smile on cue yet. And she has a dimple!

We've been taking her out more, like to church and to the store. She seems to do just fine in big crowds, meaning noise and stuff. I mean, she's got my family to deal with, so she's pretty pro at it.

She is starting to get bigger in her carseat that we will probably have to move the straps up soon. Her torso is just so long. And her legs are tiny. We've just about graduated her up to the size 0-3m onesies only for her length, but she still can only fit into newborn size pants. Seems like it's going to be that way for a while - always having to wear pants size one size down from everything else.

We love taking walks, but I know I need to get us out and about more, especially now that the weather is really starting to warm up. I haven't been doing very good about exercising, haha, so these walks will be good to get me up and moving.

That is just about it. My daughter is just so cute and I wish you all could see her because she really is just darling. I'm biased, I know. :)

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Heidi Greaves said...

She is so cute! I love the pictures!