Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random Things

I like eating apples and carrots.

Hailey loves sitting up. She's still too small/young to sit up on her own, but she sure loves being propped up in the corner of the couch and just looking out. She doesn't really like laying down anymore now that she knows what more is out there. It's cute seeing her sitting up and bright-eyed.

One night after Scott had gotten into bed and I had just gotten out of the shower, I needed to run into the living room or something. Mind you, I was just in my underclothes. And what do I get as I come out of the hallway but a blast of cool air and the street at night looking right into our house. The front door was WIDE open! Ah! Apparently, Scott hadn't latched the door all the way and it worked its way open all by itself. Good thing I had to go out into the living room or we would have slept with the door open all night! Scott pulled on some clothes to close the door, then went back to bed, but not before I made him search the whole house, just in case some bad guy might have slipped in and hidden himself.

The diner has been open for over a week, and all good things so far! I'll write more about that later.

Scott and I had a LOT of fun at the Air Show up at Hill AFB on Saturday. More about that later, too.

And last of all, I'm pretty sure Hailey is going through a growth spurt. Sleeping A LOT more, but also eating  A LOT more. And a little fussy, especially at night. And she definitely looks bigger. I love watching her grow. I love being able to fit her into more clothes. Trust me, this is exciting. Most babies grow out of size newborn in maybe a month, so you get to have a lot more variety to their wardrobe. No. It's taken Hailey about 3 months to grow out of her newborn-size clothes. But not even completely. She still wears newborn pants and some newborn onesies, depending on the brand. I really can't wait to get her up into the bigger clothes. She's got some really cute clothes coming up!

Time to go to bed. G'night.

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